Funding Traders Since 2021
No Time Limits, 1-Step Funding, $2,000,000

Funding Traders Since 2021, No Time Limits, 1-Step Funding, $2,000,000

Investing in traders from 2021

Engaged community of committed traders

Clear rules with no hidden details

No minimum or maximum trading days

evaluation process

simple and easy 1-step evaluation

1. Choose account size Account sizes from $25,000 to $2,000,000. Choose the one that fits your trading goals - trading objectives and rules will stay the same, regardless of the account size.
2. Meet trading objectives No minimum or maximum trading days. No restrictions on trading style, instruments or timeframes. Trade the way you want. Follow our simple rules and hit 10% profit target.
3. Receive live account. You can pass the evaluation in 1 day or in 1 year. There are no limits on trading days. As soon as you hit 10% profit on your account, you will receive funded account.

funding up to $2,000,000

no minimum trading days. No maximum trading days. Pass same day or take your time.

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Trade with raw spread

We work with an extremely reputable and well-established, regulated broker: eightcap.

All spreads on all tradeable instruments are provided by eightcap under its raw account spreads starting as low as 0.0 pips on Majors.

Raw spreads will allow you to execute your trades regardless of the timeframe. Trade your system without any limits.


dedicated 24 / 7 support

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support staff on Discord (click here to join).

We encourage you to review the RULES and FAQ section, as it covers many common questions. If you can’t find the answers you need, we’re more than happy to help – just send us a message.

Anton Calmes, the CEO of Ment Funding, is actively involved and available on Discord, the YouTube community page, and with the Ment Funding team. We’re always here and ready to assist you!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support staff on Discord (click here to join).

We encourage you to review the RULES and FAQ section, as it covers many common questions. If you can’t find the answers you need, we’re more than happy to help – just send us a message.

Anton Calmes, the CEO of Ment Funding, is actively involved and available on Discord, the YouTube community page, and with the Ment Funding team. We’re always here and ready to assist you!

Join our Discord server where you can connect with like-minded individuals, share your thoughts, and get priority support!

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how we built the trading ecosystem

In a world where genuine trading education was lacking and opportunities for aspiring traders were limited, the idea of Ment Funding was born. Our journey started with the creation of, a trading education company that bridged the educational gap in the market. It was about more than just teaching; it was about empowering traders with real knowledge and tools to succeed.

But education was only part of the puzzle. We realized that many talented traders were being overlooked, unfairly evaluated, and taken advantage of by traditional 2-step funding models. That’s why Ment Funding was conceived. We wanted to provide a fair chance for those people to get funded and evaluated in a way that respects their skills and potential. We set ourselves on a mission to create one of the best prop trading firms.

Our model is built around simplicity and fairness. There are no hidden rules or complex steps. You trade what you want, how you want when you want. We offer a 1-step evaluation, and if you pass, you get funded with real money. Our rules are transparent, and our approach is straightforward. If the rule isn’t here, you are in the clear. There’s no risk – take your time when taking a challenge. Ment Funding is one of the first prop firms with no time limit.

This isn’t just for students, though our foundation in education ensures that those who seek to learn have the resources to do so. This is for anyone with the skills and determination to succeed in trading. We’ve crafted an ecosystem where we educate, support, and collaborate with a diverse pool of traders who share our vision. Recognizing the distinct requirements of each trader, we provide access to 300+ trading instruments, encompassing Currencies, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, and Cryptos.

We fund traders, and your freedom is our strategy. With Ment Funding, we’ve eradicated the constraints that often hamper traders in other environments. No minimum days or maximum days to pass. No restrictions on your trading style, be it EA’s, Hedging, News, etc. You have the power to create your trading journey the way you envision it.

We’re proudly providing trading capital for traders. But Ment Funding is more than a prop firm. It’s a community of passionate traders who want to redefine the industry standards. Get funded for trading starting today.

rules and faq

If the rule isn’t in the Terms & Conditions, you are in the clear.

All Rules of the Evaluation are the EXACT SAME on the Funded Account.

Unlike other prop trading firms (proprietary trading firms), there are 0 hidden rules. All parameters for the evaluation and the funded account are the SAME and can be found on this page.

Please make sure to take the time to read every rule below. We are building a firm that focuses on your success, part of that is bringing on traders that understand exactly how we operate. We want you to succeed and become a funded trader.

There are only 3 ways to breach and lose an account, please read below for more details:

  1. Max Loss
  2. Daily Max Loss
  3. Inactivity of 30 days (if you do not place a trade at least once every 30 days on your account, Eightcap/Ment Funding will consider the account INACTIVE and the account will be breached) – you are free to place a 0.01 lot (open then close) to keep your account active.
  • Soft breach means that we will close all trades that have violated the rule. However, you can continue trading in your Assessment or Funded Account.
  • Hard breach means that you violated either the Daily Loss Limit or Max Trailing Drawdown rule. Both rules constitute a hard breach. In the event you have a hard breach, you will fail the Assessment or have your Funded Account taken away.

The Daily Loss Limit is the maximum your account can lose in any given day. Daily Loss Limit is calculated using the previous day balance which resets at 5 PM EST. Unlike other firms, we do NOT base our calculations on previous day equity since the balance only model allows you to scale profits without fear of losing your account. The Daily Stop compounds with the increase in your account.

Example: if your prior day’s end of day balance (5pm EST) was $100,000, your account would violate the daily stop loss limit if your equity reached $95,000 during the day. If your floating equity is +$5,000 on a $100,000 account, your new- day (5pm EST) max loss is based on your balance from the previous day ($100,000). So, your daily loss limit would still be $95,000.

The Maximum Trailing Drawdown is initially set at 6% and trails (using CLOSED BALANCE – NOT equity) your account until you have achieved a 6% return in your account. Once you have achieved a 6% return the Maximum Trailing Drawdown no longer trails and is permanently locked in at your starting balance. This allows for more trading flexibility.

Example: If your starting balance is $100,000, you can drawdown to $94,000 before you would violate the Maximum Trailing Drawdown rule. Then for example let’s say you take your account to $102,000 in CLOSED BALANCE. This is your new high-water mark, which would mean your new Maximum Trailing Drawdown would be $96,000. Next, let’s say you take your account to $106,000 in CLOSED BALANCE, which would be your new high-water mark. At this point your Maximum Trailing Drawdown would be locked in at your starting balance of $100,000. So, regardless of how high your account goes, you would only breach this rule if your account drew back down to $100,000 (note, you can still violate the daily drawdown). For example, if you take your account to $170,000, as long as you do not drawdown more than 5% in any given day, you would only breach if your account equity reaches $100,000.

We believe sound risk management using stop losses.  To that end, we require a stop loss on every trade. If you fail to place a stop loss at the time of placing the trade/order, we will close the trade. This is only a soft breach rule, so you can continue trading in your account.

We require all trades to be closed by 3:45pm EST on Friday. Any trades left open after this time will automatically be closed. Note, this is only a soft breach and you will be able to continue trading once the markets reopen.

  • Forex – 1 lot = $100k notional
  • Index – 1 lot = 10 Contracts
  • Cryptos – 1 lot = 1 coin
  • Stocks – 1 lot = 100 shares
  • Silver – 1 lot = 5000 ounces
  • Gold – 1 lot = 100 ounces
  • Oil – 1 lot = 1000 barrels

Below are the maximum open lots across all pairs that a trader can have at any given time.

  • $25K – 2.5 lots with risk
  • $50K – 5 lots with risk
  • $100K – 10 lots with risk
  • $250K – 25 lots with risk
  • $500K – 50 lots with risk
  • $1 million – 100 lots with risk

For example, if you are in the $100k plan, you will be able to have 10 open lots with risk available.

If you buy 5 lots of EURUSD at 1.20 and your stop loss is at 1.18, you will have 5 lots on with risk, so you would have 5 still available. If the EURUSD moves up to 1.25, and you update your stop loss to be at 1.20, which would be your open price, you no longer have risk on that trade. So, you would again have 10 lots available, even though you currently have 5 lots open.

If you put on too many lots with risk, then our system will liquidate all trades that currently have risk.

Please note, margin and leverage requirements still apply. So, even though these are the maximum lots that can be traded, it is possible based on the leverage of the account that you may not be able to trade up the maximum.

Yes. If you do not place a trade at least once every 30 days on your account, we will consider you inactive and your account will be breached.

There are 3 ways to lose an account: 5% Max Daily Stop Rule, the 6% Max Loss Rule, or after an inactivity period (not opening or closing a trade) of 30 days.

We are a no minimum trading days prop firm, but you must maintain an active account by opening at least one trade every 30 days.

Ment Funding traders are given the freedom to customize their own 1-step evaluation.

On the checkout page after clicking “Select Plan” in our Evaluation section above, members will have the ability to choose to pay extra for “upgrades” in their evaluation, making their evaluation fine-tuned to their own system. These upgrades will include the following and will see a price increase as addressed below:

  1. Hold over the weekend – 10% price increase
  2. Double Leverage (this will double all FX and metals leverage to up to 1:20, as well as double max open lots available) – 25% price increase
  3. No Stop Loss Required – 10% price increase
  4. 90% Profit Split – 20% price increase

Note: you can forgo all options and pay original price, or you can mix and match options; select 1 option, or select all.

Instead of increasing price, since Ment Funding seeks to find the highest end of traders across all trading types, we seek to provide the opportunity for our algorithmic based traders, manual based traders, higher timeframe or longer term based traders, and our lowertime frame and scalp based traders to pick the evaluation right for them.

Upon passing your Assessment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access and complete your Trader Agreement. Once the agreement is completed and supporting documentation is provided, your Funded Account will be created, funded and issued to you typically within 24-48 business hours.

Once you pass the Assessment, we provide you with a live account, backed by our capital.  The capital in your Funded Account is notional and may not match the amount of capital on deposit with the Broker.  A Funded Account is notionally funded when actual funds in the account (i.e., the equity in a Funded Account represented by the amount of capital) differs from the nominal account size (i.e., the size of the Funded Account that establishes the initial account value and level of trading). Notional funds are the difference between nominal account size and actual capital in a Funded Account.

Use of notional funding does not change the trading level or that the account may trade in any manner differently than if notional funds were not used. In particular, the same conditions and rules applicable to a soft breach, hard breach, Daily Loss Limit, Max Trailing Drawdown, stop loss and position limits apply.

No. We operate at an arm’s length with the Broker. All market pricing and trade executions are provided by the Broker and are not changed or modified by us.  Additionally, we do not mark up transaction costs established by the Broker through adjusting bid-offer spreads, markups/markdowns, commission charges or swaps. 

For purposes of managing risk and minimizing transaction costs, we may offset or negate market risk and act as the direct counterparty to certain trades initiated in the Account.  Such trades are executed at prices provided by the Broker.  This framework is intended to ensure you receive real market execution on your trades, while simultaneously allowing us to manage risk dynamically by routing existing positions or future orders to third parties for execution as we deem appropriate. We believe that such real market execution and dynamic risk management would not be possible or as cost-effective if trades were executed in simulated accounts.  Regardless of whether we act as a counterparty to your trades, the gain or loss on your Funded Account is not calculated differently.  However, when we act as the counterparty to your trades, there is an inherent potential conflict of interest because your trades do not result in net gain or loss to us, as your trades would if we were not the direct counterparty.

We reserve the right to limit the number of open positions you may enter or maintain in the Funded Account at any time, and to revise in response to market conditions the drawdown levels at which trading in the Funded Account will be halted. We or the Broker reserve the right to refuse to accept any order.

The rules for the Funded Account are exactly the same as your Assessment account. However, with a Funded Account, there is no profit target.

If you have gains in your Funded Account at the time of a hard breach, you will still receive your portion of those gains.

For example, if you have a $100,000 account and you grow that account to $110,000. Should you then have a hard breach we would close the account. Of the $10,000 in gains in your Funded Account, you would be paid your portion thereof.

Traders can request a withdrawal of the gains in their Funded Account at any time in their trader dashboard, but no more frequently than once per thirty (30) days. So, if you make gain in your Funded Account, you can request a withdrawal.  When you are ready to withdraw the gains from your Funded Account, click the Withdraw Profits button in your trader dashboard and enter the amount to withdraw.

Your first withdrawal can be requested at any time. Thereafter, you can request a withdrawal of the gains in your account every 30 days. When a withdrawal is approved, we will also withdraw our share of the gains, and your max trailing drawdown will lock in at your starting balance. The trailing drawdown does not reset when you request a withdrawal. Example: You have taken an account from $100,000 to $120,000. You then request a withdrawal of $16,000. In this scenario, you will receive $12,000 and we would retain $4,000. This would also take the balance of the account down to $104,000, and your Maximum Trailing Drawdown is locked in at $100,000. So, you would have $4,000 maximum you could lose on the account before it would violate the Maximum Trailing Drawdown rule. If you take a full withdrawal of the gains in your Funded Account, the Maximum Trailing Drawdown will still lock in at the starting balance and will therefore result in the forfeiting of your Funded Account, as your balance will trigger the Maximum Trailing Drawdown breach rule.  

We have risk management software that is synced with the accounts we create. This allows us to analyze your performance in real time for achievements or rule violations. As such, you must use an account that we provide to you.

Subject to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, traders from all countries, excluding OFAC listed countries, can take part in our program.

You must be at least 18 years of age, or the applicable minimum legal age in your country, to purchase an assessment.

Upon purchasing an Assessment, you will receive access to a trader dashboard where you can monitor your Assessment and Funded Accounts. The dashboard is updated every time we calculate metrics, which occurs roughly every 60 seconds. It is your responsibility to monitor your breach levels.

Our risk management technology is currently integrated with the platforms we provide, which you will be able to download in the back office. These platforms, along with pricing and execution are provided by our Broker.

You can trade any products offered by the Broker, as such products may change from time to time. This includes FX pairs and CFD Indices, Metals, Equity Shares, and Cryptocurrencies.

Trading hours are set by the Broker. We do not have any control over the trading hours. You can see the trading hours for each product by right-clicking on any product in the Market Watch window of the MT4 or MT5 platform and selecting Specifications from the dropdown menu.

Please note that holidays can have an impact on available trading hours.

Additionally, pursuant to the no holding trades over the weekend rule, we close all open trades at 3:45pm EST on Fridays.

We use the RAW accounts from the Broker. These accounts have commission charges for Forex and Equity Share CFDs. The other products do not carry a commission.

The Max Lot Size rule stays the same for the assessment account.

For our Funded Traders operating on their live accounts, we offer the following scaling rule:

We will increase your Max Lot Size on the account with each 5% increase on your account, allowing the highest end of traders to not only compound their accounts, but to also increase their scalability with higher leverage.

This is done manually on our backend. As you grow an account and compound your earnings, if you want to continue growing that account and do so with a higher max lot size, please reach out to us at [email protected] or using the Contact Us tab. Once you have reached out, we will check to see the percentage your account is up from its original starting balance, and increase the lot size respective to the account size.

Example: You have a funded live $100,000 account with Ment Funding. You grow that account to $115,000. If you email us as a funded member and ask for increased lot size, we will increase your max lot size from 10 lots, to 11.5 lots – complimenting the 15% growth in your account.

This is done to incentivize our traders to build up accounts and build up large sums of capital that they can manage for us. As they build that account, they unlock higher and higher max lot sizes tradeable on that account allowing for them to scale the profits they make and the rate at which they make them.

Subject to our policy on Prohibited Trading as described below, you can trade using an Expert Advisor.

You are permitted to take 1 EVALUATION at a time.

With regard to the concept of ‘limits’ this is where we stand at present:

  • $2 million max per person (can be made up of multiple assessments, provided none are same size at the same time).

  • $2 million max per strategy/EA (can be made up of multiple assessments, provided none are same size at the same time). Note: This applies to “off-shelf” EA’s (EA’s purchased from the market and used by many) We are seeking to fund independent and unquiet strategies not 1 that is the exact same across the board.

There is NO limit to how many accounts you may have (as long as it’s within the $2 million limit). We provide prop firm funding and there is NO limit for compounding. Up to $2 million of initial funding, then grow the account to any balance you desire – yes, even $10 million$20 million, and so on.

Yes. As long as you are trading within the permitted 1:10 leverage and lot size (seen in your dashboard upon purchase) you may hedge positions on both sides. We want to give you wide capital trading opportunities.

If you have moved your trade to Breakeven (stop loss locking in a profit on the overall position) your lots will be freed up and can be used to hedge as well.

Example: You have a $100,000 account and are trading EUR/USD. EUR/USD is at a current price of 1.11000 (estimation, make sure to use the price of an asset at the time of your calculation.
You are able to take at max $100,000 * (leverage) =
$1,000,000/1.11000 (E/U price) =
$900,900 / $100,000 (size of a standard lot) = 9.009
= 9.00 lots max.

This means if you enter a BUY on EUR/USD for 9 lots, you will only be able to hedge EUR/USD for 1 lot, as the Maximum Lot Size with Risk permitted is 10 lots. However, if after it begins to go up, you move your Stop Loss to above the entry price (putting you in profit), you will now be able to enter a SELL on EUR/USD for up to 10 lots. Keep in mind that hedging a position helps to reduce the required margin as the Trading Platform is a netting platform, however hedging is independent of the Maximum Lot Size with Risk. Also, moving a stop-loss to breakeven will free up additional lots to be used against the Maximum Lot Size with Risk, however this will not free up additional margin to be traded. Margin and Lot Size with Risk are two independent criterion that must be met.

Yes, you can trade during the news provided that pricing data from the Broker continue to be provided.

Charges come across in the name of

When trading a Funded Account for our firm, you are treated as an independent contractor. As a result, you are responsible for any and all taxes on your gains.

Affiliates are given credit for introducing new Customers to your firm:

  1. Customers are registered to an affiliate during Customer Registration (i.e., when the Customer account is created). This is a separate process from Checkout.

  2. A Customer who creates an account that is NOT registered to an affiliate cannot be registered to an affiliate at a later point. At this point, they are no longer a new customer and therefore the affiliate has not introduced them to your firm.

A Customer who is registered to an affiliate will remain registered forever. An affiliate will receive affiliate credit for ALL orders from that customer for their lifetime.

Most of the FM prop trading firms offer a two step evaluation model. You have to pass the challenge, and then you need to pass the evaluation. You need to generate a certain amount of profit twice.

At Ment Funding we are transparent, and we are a one step evaluation prop firm (sometimes referred as one step challenge prop firm).

Your goal is to generate 10% profit following our rules.

Make sure you review the rules carefully and see how Ment Funding compares to other remote trading firms.

You are also prohibited from using any trading strategy that is expressly prohibited by the Company or the Brokers it uses. Such prohibited trading (“Prohibited Trading”) shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Exploiting errors or latency in the pricing and/or platform(s) provided by the Broker
  • Utilizing non-public and/or insider information
  • Front-running of trades placed elsewhere
  • Trading in any way that jeopardizes the relationship that the Company has with a Broker or may result in the canceling of trades
  • Trading in any way that creates regulatory issues for the Broker
  • Utilizing any third-party strategy, off-the-shelf strategy or one marketed to pass challenge accounts
  • Utilizing one strategy to pass an assessment and then utilizing a different strategy in a funded account, as determined by the Company in cooperation with Prop Account, LLC at their discretion
  • Holding a Single Share Equity CFD position into an earnings release pertaining to that underlying equity.  To avoid being in breach of this rule, you must close all such Single Share Equity CFD positions by 3:50 pm Eastern Time on the day of the release, if an aftermarket release, or on the preceding day, if a before market open release.  Violation of this rule will constitute an immediate, hard breach of your account and any gain or loss on said position will be removed from any calculations.
  • Entering into an Equity CFD at or near the end of the trading day with intent of profiting from the marketing gap between when the market closes and reopens on the subsequent trading day, as determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Attempting to arbitrage an assessment account with another account with the Company or any third-party company, as determined by the Company in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • If the Company detects that your trading constitutes Prohibited Trading, your participation in the program will be terminated and may include forfeiture of any fees paid to the Company. Additionally, and before any Trader shall receive a funded account, the trading activity of the Trader under these Terms and Conditions shall be reviewed by both the Company and the Broker to determine whether such trading activity constitutes Prohibited Trading. In the case of Prohibited Trading, the Trader shall not receive a funded account.
  • Additionally, the Company reserves the right to disallow or block any Trader from participating in the program for any reason, in the Company’s sole and absolute discretion.

To view all Prohibited Uses, please review our Terms and Conditions here, .

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